Pond Village Preserve Capital Campaign

help preserve Truro's uniquely historic and critical natural area


Pond Village's unique history begins with the Paomet People, who we can imagine frequented the pond for its fresh water and wildlife.

Today the pond is enjoyed by many visitors and residents, who slow down to admire the wildlife and peaceful views, many of which have remained unchanged for centuries.

The Truro Conservation Trust is preserving contiguous parcels of land around the pond, providing a corridor for wildlife, protecting native plant species and wildlife habitats, and helping to retain the unique character of historic Pond Village.

Our contribution to the pond's history will be written as: "in the 21st century, residents of Truro recognized the pond's unique historical and natural significance, and as such preserved this piece of Truro in perpetuity for all to enjoy." Please join us in contributing to this conservation effort by the Trust, and be part of this important history.

Current Phase

Phase 3: 4-H Bay View Road

Historical Phases

Phase 1: In 2018, 12 acres on the north side of the pond, now known as http://www.trurotwinefield.com/, were put into conservation.

Phase 2:

2a) Via a generous donation from an anonymous donor, 12 and 14 Laura's Way on the south side of the pond were acquired and placed into conservation.

2b) As of our Earth Day event April 24th, we announced we had met the Phase 2B goal by raising the required additional $125k from the community. This is an amazing community response, in a necessarily very short period of time. This $125k from the community, together with Truro Conservation Trust's $200k and an anonymous donation of $150k, allows the Trust to move forward with the purchase of 15 Laura's W ay. See maps below for how this parcel abuts 12-14 Laura's Way on the south side of the pond. See https://www.pondvillage.org/pond-village-preserve-capital-campaign/preservedetails-phase-2b-15-lauras-way

Phase3: 4-H BAY VIEW RD

($240k + 13,250 community raised, to date, for Phase 3)

In Phase 3 of the Pond Village Preserve Capital Campaign, Truro Conservation Trust has an agreement to purchase 6.42 acre lot at 4-H Bay View Road.

Of the $340k needed to close, Truro Conservation Trust has already secured $240k. This leaves $100k to be raised in a community-based capital campaign.

More information:

Matching opportunity:

To help raise the initial $100k difference, the Truro Conservation Trust is able to offer a 1-to-1 match up to $50k to make this happen!